Who Wasn't There

Daria comes from work, opens the door of her apartment and finds a corps of a stranger. An investigation begins... Andrey - a scientist who specializes in force majeure matters. Years ago, when he was a student, fortune-teller foretold him a number of troubles on his way. All her predictions implacably come true. And then comes the time of the next prediction. Prediction of death. Time is running and Andrey asks a scientist, who makes secret experiments, to help him, Andrey, to avoid his tragic plight. After a long argument the latter agries.

At the beginning everything goes smooth...

Who Wasn't There - is a film about a fear of death of a middle aged man with an unavoidable point of Russian anguish, of unshared love, with a fantastic element as a means to expand the narration and an author's sharp view on the world around him.